All Your Data Under One Roof

As businesses become more data-driven, coupled with the ever-increasing use of mission specific SaaS solutions, data sources become more diverse and complex. Consequently, consolidating all internal and external data sources into a single data integration platform ready for insights is a complicated and resource intensive project.

Your Fully Managed Data Integration & Preparation Platform In The Cloud

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Any Source

Rivery enables you to consolidate all your data sources under one roof.

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Any Size

Rivery’s auto scalable platform is capable of Managing any number of data sources and data volumes.

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Consolidating your data sources used to take months. Now you can add, update and aggregate data in minutes/hours.

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Rivery’s data integration software is a fully managed out of the box solution, abolishing the need for high upfront investment and the ongoing costs associated with data pipelines building projects.


Rivery’s out-the-box, coding-free, solution simplifies the process of aggregating and managing your data so you can focus on the insights that matter.