Daniel Buchuk

As a big data company, at Rivery we guarantee that the way data is collected and processed through our big data pipeline meets the highest standards.

In fact, quickly after Facebook started implementing changes to their data collection processes, we had to ensure all our users were able to gather the data they needed from Facebook to keep tracking their marketing ROI.

Today, Facebook data is one of the key cornerstones for most companies engaging in digital marketing. By using Rivery, marketing teams are able to aggregate data from all their marketing channels (such as AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, AppsStore, etc).

This helps them orchestrate and automate their reporting efforts more efficiently than ever before – and therefore becoming more agile and data driven to improve their campaign and increase their marketing ROI.

With Facebook quickly implementing changes that affect data practices for millions of advertisers we had to react immediately to remain active and adjust to their new data processes to enable our users to gather the Facebook data they need about social interactions and advertising performance.


The changes done by Facebook required us to review certain processes including:

1. App Reviews: Rivery has customers who wish to extract their facebook data using our product. To do that we created a semantic app on Facebook.

All of Rivery’s clients api calls for data go through this app. Of course, they will require different permissions for the extraction of different types of Facebook data.

2. New data threshold: Facebook adjusted the threshold for data calls per hour. This has now been reduced from around 5000 calls per hour by app to 200 calls.

This is a significant change and we had to ensure compliance with this new limited threshold by closely monitoring all the app calls.

To do this, we implemented a system to limitat calls with a buffer that once hit, will guarantee there’s a delay between the calls so it doesn’t reach the 200 limit.

3. Refreshing tokens: customers will now need to refresh their tokens every two months.

This is an important change as Facebook used to grant lifetime tokens in the past. To avoid any hiccups in our customers’ data flow, we have contacted all our users to make sure they refresh their tokens and continue to do so every couple of months for a seamless flow of integrated data management.