Itamar Ben Hemo
JUN 25, 2024
4 min read
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When I first began discussing Rivery publicly, I emphasized the importance of making data work as simple as possible.

“Simplicity will always be a driving force behind everything we create at Rivery. We help companies build reliable data pipelines in minutes to eliminate the need to spend time and resources coding and maintaining complex data integration infrastructure. In a way, one could argue that we’re in the business of making life simpler for data and BI teams.”

Little did I know back then that the rise of Generative AI (GenAI) would offer new opportunities to present even greater simplicity.

Seven years later, our commitment to simplicity remains unwavering. We are excited to introduce Rivery Blueprint, our GenAI solution that allows data teams to easily connect to any REST API, eliminating the need to study API documentation, manually code pipeline, keep up with ever-changing APIs, and maintain infrastructure.

Raising the Standard for Data Integration

Over the past few months, I have emphasized internally that this release is more than just an ordinary launch event. It represents the next generation of data pipelines, built for and with GenAI.

Rivery Blueprint to solve integration scalability challenges

Instead of adding “a few low value AI features to check a box”, Rivery chose to harness the power of GenAI to significantly boost the efficiency of our development team, increasing productivity by 30 times. This advancement allows us to build and maintain a greater number of high-quality integrations. 

Recognizing the value of this innovation, we decided to extend the benefits of our GenAI-powered engine to our customers, enabling them to achieve the same high standards and efficiency in their data integration efforts.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the data industry for the past two decades and have seen various eras come and go and so I often talk to our team and the data community about embracing change. The best way to embrace change is by making things easier and faster. It needs to be as simple as possible.

Currently, data teams are being asked to do more with less. They need to create more data pipelines, connect to more sources, drive decision-making forward, and construct pipelines not only for analytics but also for AI applications using LLM models that work with new data formats and uncommon data sources. For example, feeding that unstructured data into RAG workflows. This ultimately leads to more work for data team members.

With data teams already stretched thin in terms of time and resources, building and maintaining each of these integrations and pipelines is not only time-consuming but also requires sifting through copious amounts of API documentation to learn all the different settings, such as pagination, rate limits, and error handling, necessary for proper API calls.

It shouldn’t have to be that way.

To enable a simpler experience that can cope with the pace of change in data engineering, we redefined our platform to make it even easier to integrate your data sources with the help of GenAI.

Rivery is the first vendor to leverage GenAI to solve the problem of integrating an overwhelming number of data sources. This allows our customers to easily connect to any source and manage it all from within one platform instead of having to mix no code and custom code or multiple tools together. 

We know of course that GenAI cannot do it all for us and cannot be trusted without validation. That is why we designed Rivery Blueprint to generate its data pipeline configuration in the form of a human readable YAML file. This makes it easy for any data engineer not only to validate the Rivery Copilot generated Blueprint but also to modify it as needed.

And while generating new data source integration with a simple prompt is exciting on its own, it’s just the beginning of what we envision for Rivery Blueprint. As we took the opportunity to design an engine that will take advantage of what generative AI has to offer, we also made sure it is built to deliver other benefits for data engineers. Benefits such as collaborative development and ensuring that Blueprint can run from anywhere, with or without the Rivery engine behind it.    

I invite you to learn more about Blueprint and watch real life demos of Blueprint as well as of other new capabilities we have recently launched.

Moving Forward

I am thrilled about the future of data pipelines and how our team is leading the way in creating and maintaining them with GenAI. The possibilities with Blueprint are limitless, and we eagerly anticipate you using it as we shape the future of simplifying and streamlining data integration processes.

With Blueprint, data teams can connect to any data source faster than ever and deliver reliable data pipelines for analytics and AI.

Learn more and make a Blueprint early access request here.

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