Alon Reznik
July 31st, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Instagram data is now available on Rivery’s data pipeline.

With our new data integration tools, you’ll be able to gather data from the activity on the Instagram pages you manage, empowering your team to aggregate these social insights to all your other marketing data.

This gives you the opportunity to understand and analyze your social activity in depth, and slice and dice Instagram data in new ways.

Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing social ROI isn’t a simple task. In addition, different companies use their social presence in different ways – from brand awareness and exposure to customer support and sales.

With over 800m users globally, instagram is one of the biggest social networks in the world. What’s more, over the last 2 years it has become an increasingly valuable tools for marketers to advertise.

Last September, the Facebook-owned app revealed that it now has two million monthly advertisers, which represents a massive jump of 900 percent since February of 2016, when it only had 200,000 advertisers.

At Rivery, our customers are increasingly using Instagram as one of their main digital marketing channels. Which means that measuring activity on the platform is becoming increasingly important.

The photo and video sharing app has added many advertising formats that have been hugely successful with advertisers of all sizes.

The introduction of Instagram stories has also helped the platform redefine the way video is uploaded and used in their platform – and successfully replicated Snapchat’s success when it comes to sharing ephemeral videos and images that disappear in 24 hours.

This has revitalizes the social network and opened new opportunities to both users and marketers – fueling unprecedented growth which has taken Instagram from a humble photo-sharing app to one of the world’s favorite social networks.