Alex Nelson
SEP 15, 2020
5 min read
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In this 15-minute webinar, you’ll learn about Rivery’s key product features and the robust capabilities available to all users within the platform.

We cover the process of how to build data pipelines, including data source to target, logic, and action rivers.

In addition, we’ll guide you through a variety of key data management features, designed to help you simplify and scale your data processes.

Watch the full webinar, to take a look inside the platform and discover how you can leverage Rivery for your specific business needs.


Webinar Content Overview


What is Rivery?

Rivery is a SaaS ELT platform that handles mission-critical aspects of key data processes, including data management, data orchestration, and data automation.
What is Rivery? ETL Tool and Platform
As a built-to-cloud offering, Rivery is specifically suited to meet the needs of modern business intelligence and analytics teams. Rivery is platform agnostic as it’s fully managed and supports all the main cloud data warehouses on the market.

Rivery is also code free, allowing users to create data pipelines with simple point-and-click functionality.

By offering comprehensive data solutions and partnering with complementary technology providers, including Google, Microsoft, LookerSnowflake, and Tableau, Rivery enables you to build powerful, compatible ecosystems for all your data processes.


Main Benefits of Rivery

In this webinar, we explore the main benefits of Rivery that users leverage to simplify and scale their data processes. Each feature is designed to help you automate your processes, giving you more time and resources to focus on analyzing insights and unlocking untapped value within your data.

1) API Support

Rivery supports a continually growing list of 120+ native connectors, which are freely available to all users. With the ability to support non-native sources, users can create custom API calls in a no-code Gooey.

In addition, users can request the development of new connectors through our on-demand API support program. No matter your needs, Rivery will work with you to pull data from any API you require for your data process needs.


2) Data Transformations

Rivery does much more than simply bringing your data into your cloud data warehouse. Rivery is a true ELT platform, offering push-down transform capabilities and a robust dependency-based workflow. With Rivery, you can run full data orchestration processes and data modeling by leveraging the power of Rivery’s downstream cloud data target.


3) Flexible Pricing

Rivery offers consumption-based pricing that reduces in cost as you scale up in the platform. This model allows you to receive significant ROI as you decrease the need for internal resources and derive more insights from the platform. For more information on pricing and to receive a custom quote based on your specific needs, schedule a time to talk with a Rivery expert.


4) Fully Managed, Serverless Data Pipelines

Rivery is designed to be hands off. The platform is fully managed to give you complete control of your data and the freedom needed to unlock your business’s full potential without having to worry about back-end development or technical gruntwork.

As a Rivery user, you don’t need to maintain any cloud infrastructure to run the service as the platform auto-scales behind the scenes to meet the resource needs of the pipelines running in your account.


Building Data Pipelines in Rivery

Building data pipelines in Rivery is done through Rivers. A River represents a specific data flow and there are three different types that you can create: data source to target, logic, and action.


Data Source to Target River (The Ingestion Process)

A data source to target river is the data ingestion process or the “EL” function of ELT within the Rivery platform. This function enables you to connect to any of Rivery’s native data connectors and load your data into the cloud target of your choice.

Source to Target River

Logic River (Full-Stack ELT)

Use a logic river for the orchestration process of your data pipeline or in-database transformations, which happen downstream in the data target through a series of logical steps. You can orchestrate ingestion flows with this function as well.

Common use cases for leveraging logic rivers include: building in process dependencies, blending data from multiple sources, and handling unstructured data types.

Logic River

Action River (Custom API)

An action river provides you with a self-service template to connect to any REST API as a user-friendly option for creating custom connections in Rivery. As such, you can use this function as a no-code Gooey to call an API and pull data down from the API itself.

Action River

Data Management Features

Rivery Dashboard

The Rivery dashboard is a snapshot overview of both your data pipeline trends by source over time as well as your usage statistics. Each can be adjusted via a time manipulator to review your pipelines and usage over different periods.

The dashboard also includes a news feed to keep you informed of any updates to existing sources or to announce new sources available for use.

Rivery Dashboard

Rivery Activities

Use the activities section to monitor each execution of a River (data pipeline) over any period of time. You can also review an aggregation of your execution results.

For each River, you can quickly drill down to discover more information on runs, data sizes, execution times, and more. This section is particularly beneficial for data operations monitoring, enabling you to easily assess failures and test fixes.

Rivery Activities


In the rivers section, you’ll find more data on each of your Rivers, such as the type of River, the data source, and the most recent editor. You can also use this page to conduct a Google-like search for all the Rivers in your account.


Rivery Support

User support at Rivery is entirely engineering led to ensure any issues are resolved promptly regardless of complexity. Rivery provides some of the highest quality support in the industry in terms of response SLA and has earned Best Support in the ETL tools category of G2 by earning a perfect “10” from validated users in Quality of Support compared to the 8.6 average rating for ETL tools.


Rivery Documentation

Rivery docs is a self-service documentation hub that provides you with everything needed to get started with your Rivery account, including tutorials, videos, and more information on different types of solutions for your data process needs.

This section provides detailed instructions on how to connect every native Rivery data source as well as walkthroughs on how to manage reports for each source within the Rivery platform.

To learn more about the platform and see if Rivery is the best solution for you, watch the full on-demand webinar today!

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