Daniel Buchuk
SEP 29, 2021
5 min read
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Tomorrow.io powers actionable weather insights around the world. Their mission is to help people and organizations manage weather-related challenges with the best information and insights. To achieve this, they have created a pioneering SaaS weather intelligence platform that provides real-time weather forecasts.

Customers around the world including the NFL, Uber, Delta, Ford, National Grid use Tomorrow.io to predict the business impact of weather, streamline team communication and action plans, improve productivity, and optimize profit margins.

In this new video, Tomer Coreanu, the company’s General Manager for the company’s B2C business unit, gives an overview of how the different teams within the organization use data. In his words, “from the youngest intern, to the CEO” rely on using data to inform their business and product decisions.

To manage and orchestrate their DataOps processes, Tomorrow.io uses Rivery to support their teams to unify insights and create the “logic rivers” that automate and feed the data pipelines for everyone across the company.

Watch the full video here:

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