AnyClip, the AI-driven video content data monetization pioneer, enables leading studios, broadcasters, and premium publishers to maximize the value of their content by tagging, analyzing, categorizing, and optimizing it for advertising, and by monetizing it across an exclusive Premium Content Network. Based in Tel Aviv, with offices in New York and London, in 2016 the company was named the second-fastest-growing technology company in Israel and 14th fastest in EMEA by Deloitte.

The Challenge

As they process large volumes of data from their partners to reconcile campaign budget and spend, they wanted to modernize their data systems. This was made increasingly challenging by the fact that this partner data comes in different shapes and forms – CSV, Excel files or text within emails. Staying on top of all revenues to collate and consolidate the data is at the heart of their business; AnyClip was ready to take the way they collate, manipulate, and analyze their business data to the next level.

The Solution

Rivery enabled AnyClip to automatically load all this data into their system – regardless of the source or file type, they were able to unify and streamline their processes to ensure they have all the data under one roof. Firstly, this shortened the time to market. Using Rivery’s out-the-box integrations, they didn’t need to invest resources in an in-house development team to create bespoke solutions that would enable them to integrate multiple data sources. Secondly, they were also able to integrate the data from third party software platforms including Salesforce and AppNexus.

With all the data directly loaded into Redshift, it’s much easier for them to manipulate and manage their data from a single source of insights. In addition, using Rivery has given them the flexibility to add new sources of data whenever it’s needed – without having to take up resources from their development team. As they switch their data systems, from BigQuery to Redshift earlier this year, Rivery was also a powerful ally to make the transition since the integrations work across both platforms.

The Outcome

In the fast-paced environment of digital advertising, AnyClip is a prime example of how data processes can be unified, optimized and automated. By using Rivery, they were able to shorten the time to build a fully functional and integrated data integration platform with Rivery. Leveraging the flexibility of the platform, they can handle all their sources of data and add new ones when necessary – giving them the agility to succeed and thrive by putting data and business intelligence at the core of their business operations.