Established in 2003, NetoMedia is a leading software development company that specializes in online gaming. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with additional offices in Bulgaria, NetoMedia’s team of over 100 employees remains at the forefront of gaming technology. The company’s pioneering methods, backed by years of industry experience, have turned many of its games into global successes.

The Challenge


NetoMedia’s BI team needed to create a data pipeline, but its existing solution didn’t offer the flexibility to integrate all of the company’s data sources through API connectors. 

In addition, the setup of the team’s data warehouse was extremely complex, making the process of pulling data slow and time-consuming. This complexity made it hard to operate with the agility the company needed.

NetoMedia needed a platform that could integrate all of its diverse data sources into Tableau. This would enable NetoMedia’s BI analysts to produce critical business insights for teams across the company. And for those key capabilities, NetoMedia turned to Rivery.

The Solution


The Rivery platform seamlessly integrated with NetoMedia’s BigQuery data warehouse, along with Tableau, the company’s reporting and visualization tool.  Rivery’s “off-the-shelf” integrations allowed NetoMedia to connect and align important data from third-parties such as Google Ads and Facebook, without the need for building data connectors in-house. Rivery enabled NetoMedia to orchestrate all its data and create a data pipeline that provided hourly updates to stakeholders.

The Outcome

After adopting Rivery, NetoMedia achieved a number of key objectives, including: 

Full connectivity to 3rd party platforms: Rivery allowed NetoMedia to easily connect its data sources. This merged the data that was needed to produce marketing dashboards and executive dashboards in Tableau.

Business agility: Rivery enabled NetoMedia to load data incrementally, eradicating time-consuming data pulls. By automating logic processes in Rivery, NetoMedia reduced the time spent writing queries, because the data was already in BigQuery. This eliminated the need to run queries in MySQL.

Simplicity and flexibility: In addition to helping NetoMedia orchestrate its data, Rivery enabled the company to slowly add new logics and processes. Where previous systems required initial setup, Rivery’s modular approach enabled NetoMedia to benefit on Day 1, while continuously optimizing and automating data processes as needed.

Today, Rivery is key to helping NetoMedia seamlessly orchestrate and manage their data, automate processes, and align all data to deliver the best business insights. This combination of Rivery, Tableau, and Google Cloud was the optimal data stack for the BI team to efficiently deliver business insights in near real-time.

 “We solved some of our most complex data challenges with Rivery. The ability to create a unified data pipeline that is always up-to-date through predefined logic rivers has been a game changer for the team. It is extremely easy to use compared to other tools that we’ve used in the past. In addition to seamlessly connecting to Google BigQuery and Tableau, we were also able to connect our third-party data sources with native API connectors that are always maintained and up to date.”

Tali Stern, BI & Analytics Manager