Rivery's big data integration tools and data management system enables automated data integration in the cloud. Rivery is a code free intuitive Saas Integration tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions, while we build and maintain your data pipelines. How Roojoom Advanced Business Objectives using Rivery's Data Pipeline

Customer Spotlight: Roojoom

Customer Spotlight: Roojoom


Roojoom developed a Personal Customer Journey platform that enables brands to gain control over each customer’s personal journey, advancing business objectives such as service utilization, upselling and self-service. Roojoom’s algorithms create a Personal Journey Hub™, which functions like a customized “mini-site” for every customer based on who they are and where they are in their journey. Roojoom uses advanced machine-learning and user-experience technology to guide each customer to specific touchpoints, significantly increasing KPIs and customer value.

Roojoom works with large service providers in areas of finance, insurance and telecom helping brands to steer customers to the right digital destinations based on customers specific profile and data – Roojoom is the autonomous driver for your customer journeys.

The Challenge

Data sits at the heart of Roojoom’s value proposition. Their ability to improve user behavior by analyzing insights that showcase user preferences and issues for hundreds of millions of users is a huge challenge. Gathering billions of specific data points throughout their journey, and making sense of them, requires a huge amount of planning, precision and orchestration. While in the early days Roojoom would extract data manually and handle endless spreadsheets to gather insights for their clients, the amount of time and resources that this process was taking wasn’t sustainable for them to continue growing. They needed to modernize their data processes.

The Solution

Starting with a brand new data warehouse hosted in Snowflake, the team used Rivery’s data management system to automate the ETL process. Creating bespoke logics with Rivery gives Roojoom the opportunity to gather the data that is relevant to their clients’ KPIs. This is then presented in dashboards using Tableau for easy reporting and visualization.
Snowflake gives Roojoom the speed they need to collect and manage their data while Rivery enables them to process it and align the necessary insights faster than ever before. This is helping the company become more data-driven, with the ability to drill down further into data with unlimited reporting capabilities for their clients who are now equipped with daily insight reports on the performance of their customer journeys.

The Outcome

Within weeks, Roojoom was able to overhaul their data infrastructure. By moving their data warehouse to the cloud with Snowflake and using Rivery to automate their data processes, they have created a flow that helps them and their clients find business critical insights faster than ever before.

In addition, this is helping them save significant overheads and time from core team members that had to invest time to gather and manipulate data in the past. Configuring the logic of their data collection with Rivery, they’re able to provide customers with daily and real-time insights on their products. The seamless orchestration of data has given Roojoom an edge not only with their customer, but also internally as their team are able to focus on core activities and access insights faster than ever before.