Good Apple Optimizes DataOps to Unleash Growth with Rivery, Snowflake, and Looker

The data integration issues were piling up for Good Apple, an agile media company with $100M in annual billings. 

There was a weekly report that took 72 hours to create. And an inefficient process for building data connectors. Good Apple needed a data management platform, and fast. So the company turned to Rivery.

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This Case Study shows how Rivery, along with its partners Snowflake and Looker, turned Good Apple into a data powerhouse. Good Apple leapfrogged to the top of the industry in data operations, using key new advantages, such as:

  •  Crisp™ – A killer tech stack combo (Rivery, Snowflake, & Looker)
  •  Pre-built data connectors that eliminated costly manual building
  •  A flexible, usage-based pricing structure
  •  An ELT paradigm that supercharged data importation
  •  Faster, more decisive reporting
  •  Data democratization among departments

Download our Case Study, Good Apple: Optimized Data Ops Unleash Growth, for the complete story of the company’s turnaround!


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