OnX Overhauls Data Processes, Unlocks Scalability

Founded in 2009, onX enables hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to turn their phones into all-terrain GPS systems.

With such a complex data ecosystem, onX initially didn’t have the resources to handle back-end data pipeline maintenance. And that’s why onX turned to Rivery.

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Once onX added Rivery alongside BigQuery and Tableau, the ROI was wide and immediate. Together, this tech stack combo unlocked critical benefits such as:

  • Universal data source coverage with pre-built data connectors and a Custom API
  • Complete automation of the data integration process via Rivery’s Logic Rivers
  • Total data democratization, and streamlined reporting, for the entire company
  • Importation of more high quality data, at a faster rate, with Rivery’s unique ELT paradigm
  • Data system centralization that facilitated improved business processes

Download the full Case Study now to see how Rivery transformed onX’s data operations!


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