Discover how to launch and automate AI-driven marketing campaign monitoring in a few clicks with Anodot and Rivery!

You’ll find out how to autonomously monitor advertising performance, so you can spend more time on mission-critical projects.

Watch today for key insights into:

  • Automatically deploy a start-to-finish solution for marketing campaign monitoring
  • Harness Kits to launch instant pre-built data infrastructure for Anodot
  • Leverage Anodot to monitor advertising channels for campaign anomalies
  • Maximize campaign performance & revenue by acting on Anodot alerts

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The Speakers

Onnivation, yellowHEAD, and Rivery Marketing APIs Webinar

Alex Rolnik

Solutions Architect at Rivery

Alex Rolnik is a Solutions Architect at Rivery with over 10 years experience in the data management field. In addition to serving Rivery’s customers hands-on, he is also the key architect of Rivery Kits - pre-built, instantly deployable data models - including many of the marketing Kits.

In the past, he served as a Technology Consulting Analyst at Accenture and a Data / Client Services Manager at Novantas. He holds an M.S. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in Industrial & Systems Engineering.

Yariv Zur

Head of Product at Anodot

Yariv Zur is Head of Product at Anodot, an advanced AI platform for business monitoring and anomaly detection. Yariv is passionate about solving old problems using new technology, with a focus on cloud, SaaS enterprise, and UX.

He has extensive development experience in enterprise software and consumer solutions, along with deep hands-on knowledge of sales cycles and business development.

Previously, Yariv served as VP Product at SAP, where he was a SAP Mentor Alumni & Technology Ambassador.