Ensure Data Management Success for your Agency

In today’s market, digital agencies must deliver client data and bespoke reports at the snap of a finger.

While some agencies still build data pipelines from scratch, others have turned to plug-and-play ETL/ELT solutions. But today’s fast-moving digital agencies now demand more than simply piping and preparing client data.

In order to win in the current climate, digital agencies must develop agile data frameworks that combine people, technologies, and methodologies to deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right stakeholder. That’s why so many agencies are turning to DataOps.

DataOps is the next data frontier for digital agencies. By merging agile development and operational flexibility, DataOps delivers high-quality, on-demand data to agency stakeholders by speeding up the development and deployment of automated data workflows.

Free On-Demand Webinar

Led by a Q&A panel of industry experts, we discuss the power of DataOps for digital agencies, including how to:

– Generate faster, more accurate client reports by enhancing the velocity & quality of data

– Rapidly deliver data to any stakeholder, internal or external, by building repeatable & adaptable data infrastructure

– Implement client requests in minutes, rather than months, using agile development principles

– Build a data architecture that acts as a “single source of truth” for your entire agency

– Launch instant data models & other capabilities that boost time-to-value for agency projects

The Speakers

Jordan Maddocks

Strategy & Analytics, Gupta Media

Jordan leads Strategy & Analytics at Gupta Media. In his role, Jordan works across all aspects of the agency's business and helps clients, analysts, and leadership develop and execute complex digital advertising campaigns. He pairs his background in media buying with analytics tools like SQL, Big Query, Rivery and Google Data Studio to provide key insights for clients like Amazon Music, Amazon Books, Fender Guitars and Red Bull.

Khalil Sheikh

EVP of Solutions and Strategy, Saxon Global

Khalil Sheikh is the Executive Vice President of Saxon Global. At Saxon, Khalil drives start-to-finish digital transformations for companies that want to turn their data into a competitive business asset. He has worked with companies across the spectrum, from ISVs to enterprises. With more than 28 years of experience, Khalil has expertise across many industry verticals, including finance, telecom, retail, and healthcare.

Vardit Jonasz

VP of Product, Rivery

As VP of Product, Vardit leads Rivery’s product vision, strategy, roadmap, and design. Vardit’s career spans 20+ years in software development and leadership roles within product management. Prior to Rivery, Vardit led product management efforts at global software companies, such as AppsFlyer and Integrate.


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