Maximize your Social Media Engagement and Performance with Looker and Rivery

As analytics across social platforms multiply and evolve, collecting, distilling, and analyzing social data continues to be a challenge.

Join Rivery and Looker as we dive deeper into these data challenges and explore strategies to address social data analysis head on.

The discussion culminates in a review of Rivery’s Social Analytics Looker Block, a plug and play solution that contains data pipelines and visualizations to track and analyze key engagement metrics across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Free On-demand Webinar

Discover what data analytics experts from Rivery & Looker recommend for addressing the common marketing challenge of collecting, distilling, and analyzing social data across different platforms and accounts.

During the webinar, we walk through the core tenets of a social analytics data stack and how to analyze key engagement metric trends across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through Rivery’s Social Analytics Looker Block, a new plug-and-play solution, which contains data pipelines and visualizations for all your social data needs.

The Speakers

Erin Franz

Senior Technology Alliances Manager, Looker

Erin is a Senior Technology Alliances Manager at Looker. She works with Looker’s ecosystem of technology partners, where she focuses on partner technical integration and enablement. Prior to Looker, Erin worked in analytics at Accenture where she helped build out big data solutions.

Taylor McGrath

Head of Customer Solutions, Rivery

Taylor has been working in the data analytics space for 6+ years and leads the Rivery sales engineering and customer success practices. She has experience in end-to-end data projects, including integration and data warehousing best practices and enabling self-service data analytics across organizations.

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