Oftentimes, there’s a tradeoff between ease of use and advanced customization with modern data management tools.

Ease of use offers you no or low-code ETL, but these tools can lack the required flexibility to integrate with complex data flows. Advanced customization tools are great, but often require a team with strong programming skills to develop and maintain.

With Rivery’s Python integration, you no longer have to choose between the two. Now you can have BOTH in a single platform.

The new integration is easy to implement and provides you with robust features for a variety of use cases, like bulk file uploads in reverse ETL processes, predictive modeling, machine learning, and custom API integration.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Run custom Python code directly within a No-Code ETL Platform.
  • Easily get your data into (or out of) Python without the need to write any connectivity code in Python.

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Ujjwal "JJ" Tamhankar

Solutions Engineer

Ujjwal Tamhankar is a data scientist/engineer currently serving as a Solutions Engineer at Rivery. At Rivery, Ujjwal manages a diverse global customer base, developing both long-term strategic solutions and front-line support to meet and expand client business goals.

With a background in software engineering and AI, Ujjwal has extensive experience with Python, Java, SQL, machine learning, and other core data analytics and software development tools. He holds a Masters in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ophir Prusak

Product Marketing Lead

Ophir Prusak currently leads product marketing at Rivery. With a degree in computer science, and over a decade experience building internal data stacks, Ophir understands first hand the challenges of providing actionable data to the people who need it, at the right place and right time. He's also a data tool junkie and loves to talk about the right tool for the right job.