How To: 4 Steps for Successful Cloud Data Migration

Are you planning a cloud data migration project?

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud for the first time or planning to make a transition, these four steps will ensure you define the best approach and optimize your processes each step of the way.

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1. Defining a Successful Migration

We break down migration and conversion approach into two phases, including As-Is Migration (migrating table structure and data from source to target data warehouse as-is) and Incremental Re-Design (gradually redesigning and building the new platform to feed directly from sources based on priorities, complexity, etc.). We also analyze change data capture (CDC) versus batch incremental loads and how to best approach.


2. Tool & Data Stack Selection

Using the as-is migration and incremental re-design phases as indicators on what to tackle first, we cover the intricacies of extraction methods, data security, budget, deployment, scalability/flexibility, and user management to determine how to best approach tool and data stack selection for your organization.


3. Optimizing & Showcasing Business Value

Understanding that you’re going to run a proof-of-concept (POC), how do you get the most out of your POC given the tools that you’ve selected for your cloud migration project? We discuss different approaches, resources, and scopes you can implement in addition to defining success criteria and highlighting the importance of timing.


4. Best Practices around Organizational Roll Out

Once you’ve moved forward with your cloud migration initiative, it’s critical to strategize your organizational roll out. We cover building vs. buying solutions and services, how to onboard users, creating synergies between data silos, and the significance of company communication and training resources to successfully scale your project. The webinar wraps up with an engaging Q&A session where we discuss more about Rivery’s products and how they align with the different stages of a cloud migration process.

The Speakers

Daniel Greenberg

Partner Growth and Operations Lead, Rivery

Dan has been working in the data analytics space for 4+ years and specializes in ecosystem and platform growth through strategic technology and services channels. Dan also has experience in pre-sales technical enablement.

Taylor McGrath

Head of Customer Solutions, Rivery

Taylor has been working in the data analytics space for 6+ years and leads the Rivery sales engineering and customer success practices. She has experience in end-to-end data projects, including integration and data warehousing best practices and enabling self-service data analytics across organizations.


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