Make Dev Life Easier and Enhance Your Data Operation

Built for today’s fast-moving and rapidly-evolving data environment, Rivery command-line interface (CLI) eliminates manual work and improves performance for key data uses cases and projects, such as:

– DevOps (CI/CD, testing & production, etc.)
– Remote pipeline execution
– Pipeline status check
– GitHub integration
– Bulk updates

Free On-Demand Webinar

Experience all the ways this new feature can create efficiencies for your data operation, including how to:

– Sync data pipeline logics within version control systems (VCS) like GitHub to implement development best-practices

– Store, edit, and execute data pipelines as infrastructure as code (IaC) via YAML configuration files

– Create, modify, and save data pipeline logics (e.g. SQL-transformations) as text files

Join Rivery Solutions Engineer, Ujjwal Tamhankar, to discover how Rivery CLI can take your data operation to the next level!


Ujjwal Tamhankar

Solutions Engineer

Ujjwal Tamhankar is a data scientist/engineer currently serving as a Solutions Engineer at Rivery. At Rivery, Ujjwal manages a diverse global customer base, developing both long-term strategic solutions and front-line support to meet and expand client business goals.

With a background in software engineering and AI, Ujjwal has extensive experience with Python, Java, SQL, machine learning, and other core data analytics and software development tools. He holds a Masters in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.