How to Lead and Manage Large-Scale Data Projects

85% of big data projects fail (Gartner). At the enterprise level, the failure rate is even higher. Challenges such as data access, data quality, process breakdowns, and scalability can derail enterprise data projects before they yield meaningful insights.

Learn how enterprises can overcome these common pitfalls and turn these challenges into opportunities by adopting the right data frameworks.

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Naomi Miller, Head of Data Engineering at ZX Ventures, Yariv Zur, Head of Product at Anodot, and Ben Flammang, SVP of Global Sales at Rivery, cover key topics for managing data projects at the enterprise level, including how to:

– Access data sources with speed & scalability

– Leverage DataOps: Implement agility and DevOps

– Build an ideal data team: Essential roles & skill sets

– Clean, prepare, and classify data for BI insights & data science

– Educate stakeholders: Teach executives, sales, & marketing to better understand data

The Speakers

Naomi Miller

Head of Data Engineering, ZX Ventures

Naomi Miller is Head of Data Engineering at ZX Ventures, a global growth and innovation group backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev. She is an IT leader with 8 years experience in data architecture, data engineering, application development, automation, database design, and managing system integration testing. Previously, she held IT leadership roles at TRAC Intermodal, DXC Technology, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Yariv Zur

Head of Product, Anodot

Yariv Zur is Head of Product at Anodot, an advanced AI platform for business monitoring and anomaly detection. Yariv is passionate about solving old problems using new technology, with a focus on cloud, SaaS enterprise, and UX. He has extensive development experience in enterprise software and consumer solutions, along with deep hands-on knowledge of sales cycles and business development. Previously, Yariv served as VP Product at SAP, where he was a SAP Mentor Alumni & Technology Ambassador.

Ben Flammang

SVP of Global Sales, Rivery

Ben Flammang is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Rivery. With over 20 years experience in sales and business development, Benjamin has helped enterprise companies leverage their data to power cross-functional sales teams. Previously, Ben served as VP Strategy and Business Development at Google.