All you want to know about Rivery, and more

What is Rivery?
Rivery is an intuitive SaaS integration tool to consolidate all your data from both internal and external sources into a single data platform in the cloud. Our code-free tool allows you to focus on insights and actions, while it builds and maintains your data pipelines.
Who is it for?
Rivery is designed for any data-driven companies with multiple data sources. Once all your sources are connected through Rivery, you’ll have the optimal data platform, ready for business insights – whether this is through a visualization/reporting tool or for further analysis using machine learning methods. In addition, it’s a great tool for companies looking to migrate and/or manage their data on the cloud.
Is there a limit of data sources?
You can add as many data sources from diverse platforms as your business requires. With Rivery there’s no limit as to how many streams of data you can aggregate.
How long will it take me to aggregate all my data with Rivery?
With Rivery, adding a new source will take you 5-10 minutes. Our out-of the-box solution enables you to integrate data sources in almost instantly. In addition, Rivery’s data preparation solution will let you quickly delve into your insights.
Why use Rivery?
While most companies today understand benefits of consolidating their data in the cloud, many lack the technical skills or resources required to achieve it, or simply defer the decision due to the perceived complexity and risk. As a fully managed SaaS solution, Rivery dramatically reduces the costs and risk of such projects allowing companies to immediately experience the benefits of the cloud.
How does it work?
Our platform is designed to removed the barriers between your data and your insights – helping you and your business focus on what really matters. Companies have to rely on both internal and external sources of data which have to jump through many hoops to be synchronized, normalized and up to date. Rivery enables you to skip all those hoops, with the simplest “plug and play” platform available.
Do I get charged by usage or by volume of data processed?
We do not charge by volume of data processed, nor we hold your data hostage. Rivery’s model is based on usage, which is calculated by the frequency in which your data streams are updated, and the frequency in which data transformations are executed.
What happens if one of my data sources isn’t available?
Yes. We can provide a dedicated version of Rivery on a client’s private cloud to meet exceptionally strict enterprise security requirements.