JUN 27, 2024

This kit leverages Amazon Q’s StartDataSourceSyncJob to trigger a data source sync to keep your data ingestion synchronized directly with Amazon Q’s RAG-based enterprise AI chat application. Learn more on how to use Rivery and Amazon Q together here.


How to Configure This Kit

In the Logic River, open the Variables menu and fill in values for the following variables

  • applicationId: Q Business Application ID

  • dataSourceId: Q Business Data Source ID

  • indexId: Q Business Index ID

  • Aws_secret_access_key

  • Aws_secret_key_id

  • region_code: the region the application is in, such as us-west-2

After this, you can front load the Logic river with any amount of steps desired to first pull data from source systems into s3, and then run the python step to sync the data to Amazon Q.

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