By Taylor Mcgrath

Pendo - Snowflake

Integrates with:
The Pendo Kit uses the Pendo API to retrieve user insight, user guidance, and user communication data for digital product teams to analyze in the Snowflake data warehouse.

This kit includes

Action rivers that establish a source connection to the following Pendo API endpoints::

Data source to target rivers to ingest Pendo data into Snowflake tables
Logic river for data orchestration

Minimum RPU Consumption: 6

Configuring this kit for use

In this kit, there are two variables that are used to make for dynamic use of target configuration.
{pendo_db} is used in all Target configurations and queries as the target database name.
{pendo_schema} is used in all Target configurations and queries as the target schema name.
Go to the Variables menu on the left side navigation bar and create variables for fb_ads_db and fb_ads_schema. Then fill in the values as the Snowflake database and schema where you would like the data to land.
Kits are imported with ‘blank’ source and target connections. In order to use the kit, you have two options:
Swap out blank connections with existing connections
Add credentials to the blank connections that come with the imported template
NOTE: This kit uses Rivery Actions to pull data from Pendo. In the Pendo connection that is imported to your account upon use, insert your Pendo API key as the value for the ‘api_key’ parameter in the custom connection popup.
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