MAR 19, 2021

The Twitter Ads kit uses the associated Stats report as a base table and adds in the appropriate Entity Tables. Each kit will have the Tweet Information and associated metrics including: number of clicks, impressions, spend, video_views, conversion values, purchases, replies, retweets, follows, likes, and engagement by date.

This kit includes…

Twitter Promoted Tweets Rivers

  • Data ingestion rivers for Promoted Tweets Entity, Tweets Entity, Ad Groups Entity, Campaigns Entity, Accounts Entity, Cards Entity, Funding Instruments Entity, Promoted Tweets Stats
  • Master orchestration River
    • This includes logic to Join Entity/Stats Tables
  • Output Tables:
    • twitter_entity_accounts
    • twitter_entity_cards
    • twitter_entity_tweets
    • twitter_entity_campaign
    • twitter_entity_fundinginstruments
    • twitter_entity_adgroup
    • twitter_entity_promotedtweets
    • twitter_stats_promotedtweets
    • twitter_promoted_tweets_stats (entity and stats combined)

Minimum RPU Consumption: 9

You can find the full contents, data model documentation, and source fields used here.

Configuring this Kit for use

This Kit has 2 variables that are used to make for dynamic use of target configuration. These will need to be added as global variables:{db_twitter} – Selected Database in Snowflake for Output{schema_twitter} – Selected Schema in Snowflake for Output

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