AWS & Rivery

Get data from any source into Amazon Redshift, Athena, RDS or S3 and transform your data into insights that drive business value.


Why Rivery on AWS?


200+ fully managed connectors

Get data from any source, connect to any system. Avoid updating APIs.


Support for CDC & SQL based replication

Migrate your database to the cloud efficiently, without disruption.


Low-code interface

Accelerate onboarding, create pipelines in minutes, and dramatically cut costs.


Custom file zones

Boost security and privacy. Gain total control of where your data is stored.

WalkMe achieves a single repository for all their data in record time with Rivery and Redshift at the foundation.
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Hit the ground running

Cloud Database Migration

Full support for AWS specific features and functionality, including data ingestion into S3, Athena, RDS and Redshift.

Digital Native Business Ready

Rapidly integrate and deliver insights from all of your internal databases and third-party APIs, without data management chaos.

Reverse ETL

Push enriched data from Redshift into your third-party apps. Operationalize data in a single workflow.

S3 Files Handling

Convert CSV files to Parquet files - handle partitioning with no code.


Roi Assa

888 Holdings

“Rivery's tight integration with AWS enabled us to seamlessly run all of our marketing data integrations using our AWS native settings, starting with the seamless transaction through AWS Marketplace."

Power up your data integration

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