Rivery & Snowflake

Get data from any source into Snowflake and transform your data into insights that drive business value. A unified solution that makes advanced data integration simple.


Why Rivery & Snowflake?


200+ fully managed connectors

Get data from any source, avoid updating APIs, and connect to every system.


Support for CDC & SQL based replication

Migrate your database to the cloud, efficiently and without disruption.


Low-code interface

Accelerate onboarding, create pipelines in minutes, and become data driven.


Custom file zones

Enhance security and privacy, and gain complete control of where your data is stored.

“Within six months of adopting Rivery and Snowflake together, Bayer increased its data usage on the platform by 30% with 100% data source compatibility and full transparency.”
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Hit the ground running

Cloud and Database Migration

Full support for Snowflake specific features and functionality, including advanced authentication and usage of Snowflake’s Masking Policy.

Snowflake Industry Competencies Awarded

Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Retail & Consumer Goods, Manufacturing & Industrial and Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Data Activation

With Reverse ETL, you can push data from Snowflake into 3rd party applications, such as Salesforce or Hubspot.

Applications Foundation

Use Rivery to ingest data right into your Snowflake powered applications. Learn how with this Free Workshop.


Nauman Hafiz

CTO Constellation

Snowflake and Rivery provide a better developer experience and allow the entire company to operate at a much faster scale and speed.”

Power up your data integration

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