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Rivery’s Pricing Estimator

Estimate Rivery’s pricing for scenarios similar to yours. See the benefit of dedicated pricing for high-volume data replications.

Here’s your pricing estimation

Other row-based ELT tools*
*Based on publicly advertised pricing
Monthly volume of GB from databases: 100GB
Apps data to replicate: None Selected

This estimate is based on usage benchmarks for a pay-as-you-go professional plan.

Benchmarks are a good starting point, however each organization exact data needs vary.
Rivery’s pricing is designed to enable better predictability, taking into account those variances.

We recommend booking a quick call with one of our experts to obtain an adjusted pricing estimate for your specific usage. This will take into account:

  • Replication frequencies
  • Data transformation & Python usage
  • Specific use cases
  • Annual vs. monthly billing