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Introducing Rivery Blueprint
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Extract & load in minutes

Instantly integrate uncommon data sources with Rivery's Copilot

Generate data pipelines with GenAI using a simple prompt


 Connect all your data with GenAI

Never leave data behind! Connect to any REST API with ease

Cut manual coding and data silo costs by working from one place


Make it your own

Customize the AI-generated connection to meet your needs

Extend the pipeline configuration to solve for advanced cases



Enter a prompt in Rivery Copilot specifying
the data you want to ingest.


Rivery will generate a connection YAML configuration that is fully customizable.


Select the target warehouse or lake
to ingest the data into.


Brian Neumann

SVP of Data Engineering

Our team is excited about the new Rivery GenAI engine that will allow us to simplify the process. We see this helping to reduce the load on engineering and shifting some of this work to the data operations team.


What is Rivery Blueprint?

Rivery Blueprint is an innovative engine to build data pipelines. It offers a Copilot to help data engineers and data analysts generate a configuration (i.e. Blueprint) to connect to any REST API. This configuration (modified or not) serves as part of a full Rivery data pipeline (also named Source to Target River). Blueprint solves the problem of connecting to data sources that don’t have a pre-built connector by leveraging GenAI and avoiding the need to spend hours reading API documentation and creating custom coded solutions.

How can I try Rivery and Rivery Blueprint?

You can try Rivery for free by signing up under the following link. If you want to try Rivery Blueprint, you can make an early access request. Note that while you make an early access request, you can already establish a connection to custom data sources using Rivery’s Action Rivers.

Is my data secured with Rivery Blueprint?

While Rivery’s Copilot is using LLM models to help generate your connection Blueprint, no actual data is being shared with the LLM model aside from the user prompt request to help generate the connection. The prompt request typically contains the URL documentation link for the source you would like to connect to which is usually publicly available information. In any case, Rivery doesn’t share any API access keys or sensitive data with the LLM models and your data flows from your sources to target like it would for any other Rivery pipelines using Blueprint or not.

Ingest data from any source
with Rivery Blueprint AI