Rivery's big data integration tools and data management system enables automated data integration in the cloud. Rivery is a code free intuitive Saas Integration tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions, while we build and maintain your data pipelines. Cloud ETL Software | SaaS ETL Tools and Solutions | Rivery

SaaS ETL Tool

SaaS ETL Tool

Simplify the ETL process, empowering BI & data teams to work efficiently without need for help from development team or DevOps.

The ETL (Extract Transform Load) process used to be a costly and time-consuming headache. Extracting data from numerous platforms, transforming it so it’s all consistently formatted, and loading it to the cloud was can be an arduous task. Rivery’s platform is designed to simplify the ETL process to the bare minimum, empowering BI teams to work efficiently without worrying about bottlenecks from development or DevOps.

Automate ETL Process

streamline your data flows with Rivery, using a platform that doesn’t only help you connect all data sources but also transform and align all data so it’s always ready for insights.

SaaS Platform

flexible and scalable solutions for any business. 
Our platform is fast and compatible with all major cloud warehouses (including Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake).

No DevOps

relying upon DevOps team to extract, transform and data can be challenging for teams that need insights in real time. By automating the entire data pipeline, teams are empowered to access and use insights without any hurdles.

Cloud Compatibility

Whether you want to load your data to Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, or Azure, our platform is compatible with all the main data warehouses.

Discover how leading data-driven companies leverage Rivery to orchestrate all their business data:
walkme big data pipeline case study
WalkMe™ provides a cloud-based service designed to help professionals guide and engage prospects and customers, and complete online tasks. Their Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) began as a platform-agnostic guidance system to simplify user experience.
Colu is a fast-growing startup with an ambitious vision, to change the way money is being created and used. Colu created a digital wallet that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth by supporting local businesses. It’s already being used locally with over 70K monthly transactions in Israel and the UK.