Rivery's big data integration tools and data management system enables automated data integration in the cloud. Rivery is a code free intuitive Saas Integration tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions, while we build and maintain your data pipelines. Social Media Analytics Tools | Social Analytics as a Service | Rivery

Social Analytics as a Service

Social Analytics as a Service

Aggregate campaign data across all social platforms, including organic growth, fan page behavior, or paid activity.

Rivery optimizes every dollar you invest in social networks. Track performance, uncover ROI, and respond to campaigns in real-time by harnessing the only serverless data pipeline equipped for the vast scale and rapid fluctuations of social data and analytics.

Unified KPIs

Integrate data from across all social platforms. Design a data workflow with the metrics that are most relevant to your business.

Manage Data Peaks

Our serverless data pipeline flexibly manages peaks in data usage during key campaigns without overspending for the rest of the year.

All In One Dashboard

Combine every paid and organic data source into a single dashboard. Every marketing stakeholder can easily review performance and ROI.

Support for Any Social Network

Harness direct data integrations for popular social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Or integrate custom data sources with on-demand API service.

Discover how leading data-driven companies leverage Rivery to orchestrate all their business data:
backbone media etl saas case study
Backbone Media is a public relations, media planning and buying, social media, and content marketing agency for active lifestyle brands. They help leading outdoor gear, apparel, technology, and food and beverage brands to expand their communities and cultivate lasting connections with customers..
QualityScore is a boutique online marketing agency, specialized in large-scale campaigns. Most of their output is delivered working with the biggest digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and Taboola. They help enterprise clients reach ambitious goals by engaging with all the necessary channels.