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Backbone Media slashes time spent on data preparation by over 90% with Rivery


Backbone Media is a marketing agency with a passion for the outdoors. It specializes in public relations, media planning and buying, social media, and content marketing agency for active lifestyle brands.

The company, based in Colorado, USA, helps leading outdoor gear, apparel, technology, and food and beverage brands to expand their communities by cultivating lasting connections with customers.

The Challenge

Backbone’s staff were stuck inside, mired in data handling, rather than doing their “real” job – helping their clients get the results they wanted.

Every month, they had to laboriously collect data for Excel files from DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Kochava.

It was a task that had to be done, as a critical measure of their campaigns’ success, but it was taking up 60% of their time.

They suffered the added frustration of computers crashing, unable to handle the sheer volume of data they were extracting. Backbone seriously needed to automate the process.


The Solution

Rivery had the perfect, and cost-effective, solution. It already had connections to all the relevant data sources and was able to consolidate them into a single feed using its fully managed SaaS platform.

Backbone staff had no prior experience with SQL or ETL/data engineering and management, but still found Rivery intuitive and easy to use. And they were incentivized to build out a data warehouse platform from each ad platform for all their clients.


The Outcome

Staff now spend just 5% of their time handling data, rather than 60%, so the impact of bringing Rivery on board has been huge. The team can now ditch the drudgery and dedicate far more time to doing what they do best.

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