Global food manufacturer uses Rivery’s out-of-the-box solution to launch new health brand

“We were in a position to scale from Day One. At the same time, Rivery allowed us to keep the standards required of a Fortune 500 company, including data security and legal compliance.”

Why Rivery?

  • Easy to install, no coding, and no outsourcing
  • Complete control over all data
  • Plenty of room for rapid growth and scalability
  • Cost-effective solution

The Customer: A Global Food Manufacturer with a Commitment to Innovation

The client is a global food manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company that was founded over a century ago. Many of its brands are household names, but it is also a strong innovator, committed to leading the market with new products and ideas.

The Challenge: Provide an Out-of-the-Box Platform for a Fast-Growing “Startup”

The company was launching a new product, selling directly to consumers, and needed an out-of-the-box foundation that would handle a huge volume of logistical and marketing data.

The launch product, a health-based food brand, had to succeed on its own merits with limited resources. The team working on it was part of a well-established conglomerate, but had the mindset of a startup. They were building a new beginning with few resources, a compressed timeline, zero brand recognition… and no one with the expertise to build their own data infrastructure.

They started building a data-based strategy to bring the product to life, choosing Snowflake to warehouse their data and Tableau to visualize it. But they were missing a vital piece of the jigsaw – the scalable infrastructure that could cope with what would they hoped would be very rapid growth.

They were torn between outsourcing to consultants – with the associated expense and limitations – and adopting a ready-made solution, even though they didn’t have their own data experts who could adapt it to their needs.

The Solution: Instant Connection, Complete Control, No Code, No Developers

Rivery offered the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf solution that allowed them to readily connect to all their data sources, without any coding required.

The team had decided against outsourcing, fearing it would limit its insight-based decision making. 

“In order to scale rapidly, we needed 100% control of our data, and we had to ‘own the pipes’ of our data infrastructure,” said their Head of IT. “That’s why we decided to go with Rivery.”

“We did not have the developer resources, or the time, to spend weeks or months building data connectors. Rivery empowered us to pull data from our sources within minutes, offering immediate time-to-value.”

“None of us on the team were trained to do deep technical work. But Rivery’s Customer Success team is like having a data engineer at your disposal.”  

Rivery comes with 190+ plug-and-play data connectors right out-of-the-box, allowing near-instant connection to Amazon, Shopify, and an array of marketing channels.

The Outcome: Team Hit the Ground Running with a Flexible, Cost-Effective Solution

Rivery provided the speed, flexibility and economy that the team needed. They couldn’t afford to waste time on a poor-fit solution, or scarce resources on a bespoke one. They needed to hit the ground running with a fully-connectable system that was instantly able to track everything from ad spend to packaging.

“Rivery enabled us to go from zero to 60 and get our D2C brand off the ground,” the Head of IT said. “We were in a position to scale from Day One. At the same time, Rivery allowed us to keep the standards required of a Fortune 500 company, including data security and legal compliance. And the best part: my team got to focus on insights, operations, and strategy – not building data infrastructure.”

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“Great product - saves us lots of time on ETL's. It helps us to perform our ETL's very quickly, It connects to a lot of API's and saves us hours of coding and updates.”
Shmuel M., BI Developer
“Amazing ETL tool. Rivery's team provides unbelievable service.”
Tal C., Head of Information Systems
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer C., Director of R&D

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