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Why Preqin Chose Rivery: 

  • Instant data capture to keep clients informed in real time
  • Cost-effective, transparent pricing
  • Fully-managed platform with no need for backend maintenance

The Customer: Preqin Updates Alternative Investors with Real-Time Market information

Preqin provides vital data for investors who opt for “alternative investments” – private equity, hedge funds and venture capital, for example, rather than traditional stocks and bonds.

The London-based company helps over 170,000 professionals raise capital effectively and efficiently, and to manage their portfolios.

It has 300 full-time researchers working on an analytics platform that provides cutting-edge workflow tools and insights.

Preqin has offices in 15 cities globally, including New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Manila and Guangzhou.

The Challenge: Finding a Management Tool to Support Data Capture, with Transparent Pricing 

Preqin had moved its data to the cloud, but hadn’t found the right management tool. It needed to update its clients on market fluctuations in real time, but the software it had chosen didn’t fully support its change data capture (CDC).

Moreover, the pricing wasn’t transparent, with hidden costs for additional connectors, users, and platform usage. Preqin had successfully migrated its Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL to Snowflake, but needed to find the best data management tool to complement Snowflake.

The Solution: Rivery Instantly Captures Changes, and has no Hidden Charges

Rivery met all of Preqin’s needs, resolved the critical CDC problem and offered even more than expected. It was the only data management tool Preqin found that offered built-in support for its “log streams” – the technical component that facilitates server swaps.

Rivery’s pricing is also clear, straightforward and more cost effective. Unlike many other companies, it charges only for data consumption, and nothing more.

Preqin needs to capture data changes instantly, so it can rapidly exchange information with clients. Rivery’s change data capture (CDC) capability tracks data changes in the Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and automatically transfers them to Snowflake.

Rivery comes with 190+ pre-built data connectors, allowing Preqin to connect all its internal and external data sources to Snowflake in a few clicks.

Preqin connected its Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Salesforce data to Snowflake without having to spend time building out data pipelines.

Rivery’s fully-managed platform also ensures that Preqin never has to perform backend maintenance on pipelines or other gruntwork.

The Outcome

Preqin overhauled its data infrastructure, improved its overall business performance and saved money with Rivery. Pricing was a key factor. 

Rivery’s change data capture capabilities makes data ingestion faster and more efficient, providing clients with better data and the opportunity to respond quicker. Its plug-and-play connectors also make implementation much easier, as does Rivery’s ongoing technology partnership with Snowflake.

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