The Challenge: Veolia needed a data integration platform that could facilitate a transition to the cloud, automate data processes, and improve worker productivity.

The Results:

  • Veolia performed a full cloud data migration using Rivery.
  • Rivery’s ELT paradigm, along with versatile features such as Logic Rivers, enabled Veolia to automate data workflows from start to finish.
  • Rivery became the backbone of Veolia’s data strategy, unlocking new levels of worker productivity.


With over three hundred thousand employees in 48 countries, Veolia is a global leader in energy, water, and waste management services. Veilo operates over 8,500 water treatment facilities across the world. The company also offers private and public sector waste management, along with energy efficient technologies that power a majority of district energy systems in North America. In 2016, Veolia generated over $26.53 billion in annual global revenue.

The Challenge

Veolia always faced complex data management challenges due to its vast, multinational organization. The volume of data produced by the company each year, from wastewater metrics to customer data, was massive. The geographic diversity of the company also made centralizing the data difficult.

For years, Veolia used on-premise databases, which limited data storage, scalability, flexibility, and processing power. Veolia wanted a single, centralized data repository that could rapidly scale while offering unlimited storage and compute power. That’s why Veolia decided to switch to a cloud data warehouse.

Veolia created an internal team called the “Digital Factory” to digitize the company’s data and facilitate a transition to the cloud. As a first step, the team chose Google BigQuery as a cloud data warehouse. But in order to harness BigQuery, Veolia needed a data integration platform that could extract raw data from diverse sources, load the raw data into BigQuery, and transform the raw data into business-ready data for analysis.

That’s where Rivery came in.

The Solution

Through its ongoing relationship with Google, Veolia learned that Rivery was a trusted partner of BigQuery. After more market research, the Digital Factory realized that Rivery was a good fit, both from short-term and long-term standpoints. As a cloud-native data integration platform, Rivery was built to facilitate migrations to the cloud.

To begin the cloud migration process, the Digital Factory had to connect its data sources to Rivery. With 80+ native data connectors, and the ability to create custom data connectors on-demand, Rivery seamlessly linked with all of Veolia’s internal and external data sources.

Rivery’s fully managed, no-code platform ensured that Veolia’s team never had to develop API connectors or deal with back-end maintenance. Additionally, Rivery’s pricing model was based on data consumption, not on per-user fees, a big advantage for a company with so many employees.

Despite Veolia’s vast amount of data, Rivery streamlined the cloud migration process. In the midst of the migration, the Digital Factory continued to use its on-premise databases undisturbed. With Rivery’s scheduling tool, Veolia automatically pulled updates from its on-premise databases at specific time intervals.

Veolia maintained near real-time data syncs by scheduling short time intervals. Scheduling also allowed Veolia to automate updates for external data sources as well. Rivery’s flexibility with table updates made data syncs even easier. Loading Modes customized how each individual table was updated.

The initial cloud migration, followed by the automated data syncs, ensured that the Digital Factory would maintain up-to-date data from its on-premise databases and external data sources alike. But the cloud migration was only the beginning of Veolia’s journey with Rivery. Rivery’s unique ELT paradigm – an extract, load, and transform model – also allowed Veolia to harness the company’s data in unprecedented ways.

Unlike ETL solutions, Rivery’s ELT model loaded raw data directly into Google BigQuery, and transformed the raw data inside the cloud data warehouse itself. This not only made data processes faster and more efficient, but also preserved requeryable raw data for unlimited analyses.

Rivery’s Logic Rivers streamlined data workflows for Veolia, including the transformation layer. Logic Rivers enabled the Digital Factory to automatically orchestrate and transform its entire data workflow, from start to finish. With Logic Rivers, the Digital Factory built custom data workflows that automated the ingestion of data into the cloud and in-database transformations at the same time.

Before Rivery, Veolia had to develop and code data workflows manually, including all complex transformations. Logic Rivers empowered the Digital Factory to create data workflows that executed SQL queries directly inside BiqQuery itself. This enabled Logic Rivers to automate the generation of business-ready data, saving the Veolia team a tremendous amount of time and resources.

With Rivery, the Digital Factory was able to build a centralized data repository for Veolia’s multinational organization. Data professionals throughout the company were empowered to access and analyze data more efficiently and effectively. As of today, Rivery is a key component of Veolia’s data strategy. From migrating to the cloud, to automating data processes, to creating business data that’s primed for analysis, Rivery is an all-in-one data management solution for Veolia.

The Outcome

For Veolia, Rivery improved outcomes and ROI across the entire organization. Veolia experienced particular boosts in data centralization, data process automation, maintenance and support, cost savings, and workforce productivity.

  • Data centralization – Rivery enabled Veolia to centralize data across employees and locations, streamlining the process of data analysis. The platform combined all of Veolia’s myriad data sources into a single repository, so data scientists, BI analysts, and other stakeholders across the company could always access the data they needed to make critical insights.
  • Data process automation – The Digital Factory automated most data processes with Rivery. Key features such as Auto-Migration, Logic Rivers, and other functionality enabled Veolia to automate complex data workflows in a matter of clicks. From data orchestration to transformation, Rivery automated data integration from start to finish, freeing significant time and resources for the Digital Factory.
  • Zero maintenance & unparalleled support – As a fully managed platform, Rivery allowed Veolia to avoid back-end maintenance altogether. Rivery is a no-code, auto-scalable, and hassle-free platform. The Digital Factory never had to engage in development or technical configurations. All support tickets were answered directly by R&D with an average wait time of between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours.
  • Workforce productivity – Rivery saved teams across the company time and resources during every step of the data integration process. The combination of automation, centralization, and ease of use allowed the Digital Factory to eliminate technical grunt work and process inefficiencies. This, in turn, boosted workforce productivity by allowing teams to focus on high level analysis and core strategic objectives.
  • Cost savings – Rivery’s pricing model charged Veolia for data consumption, not for users, platform fees, or data connectors. With hundreds of thousands of employees, Veolia was able to completely avoid per-head costs and instead pay only for the data they used. Pre-built data connectors were free to use, and data connectors requested on demand by the Rivery team were developed in a matter of weeks for a small, one-time fee.

As is the case with most of our customer stories, Veolia came to Rivery looking for a data integration solution, and ended up with much more. Read more of our Case Studies for similar success stories!

“We solved some of our most complex data challenges with Rivery. The ability to create a unified data pipeline that is always up-to-date through predefined logic rivers has been a game changer for the team. It is extremely easy to use compared to other tools that we’ve used in the past. ”
Tali S., BI & Analytics Manager
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Dor R., Head of Data at Delegate
“Amazing ETL tool. Rivery's team provides unbelievable service.”
Tal C., Head of Information Systems at WalkMe

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