Daniel Buchuk
JAN 20, 2022
5 min read
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Love Your Data Stack in 2022!

Do you love your data stack?

That might sound like a weird question, but after interviewing dozens of data team members at all sorts of companies, we’ve found a common theme; “There’s a lot of pressure to deliver results quickly and then management wonders why stuff breaks and changes take so long.”

It turns out that lots of users do not love their data stack, nor do they enjoy the process of piecing together separate tools, while trying to debug issues and crank out ad-hoc reports.

We’re hearing something different from Rivery users:

“Rivery has more than delivered on the value proposition I sold my leadership on. Rather than hiring 2 more developers [at our startup], I’ve been able to build all these pipelines on my own!”Sean Lucas, Senior Data Analytics Manager at Shyft Moving

Rivery’s fully-managed SaaS DataOps platform just might be the data stack you’re ready to “settle down with,” and right now is better than ever to try it out.

Rivery Self-Service: Getting Started

In the video above, Rivery Solutions Engineer, Ujjwal “JJ” Tamhankar, discusses how you can get started with Rivery Self-Service and the value it provides to data teams of all sizes. 

Self-Service allows you to be flexible and create data pipelines quickly without having to go through the traditional proof of concept process. Your data becomes more accessible and your data teams become more agile with the ability to adjust on the fly as needs change. 

The user experience makes it easier for you to deploy your pipelines from the onset with product tutorials to create your first pipeline and updated documentation, which has been optimized for self-service. 

In the video, JJ walks you through three aspects of the platform, each designed to get you up and running quicker:

  1. Create your first data pipeline: JJ shows you how to create a new data pipeline in under 90 seconds.
  2. Rivery Starter Kits: JJ covers how pre-built, out-of-the-box Kits allow you to deploy a complete, production-level data model in minutes. All the pipelines and logic are already defined for you, expediting a process that would otherwise take weeks to prepare, test, and validate. 
  3. Pre-Defined Reports: In Rivery, you have the option to leverage pre-defined reports, where all necessary tables for popular use cases are pre-created. For example, pre-defined reports for Facebook Ads include the most popular use cases in your schemas already, like ad insights, campaigns, account insights, etc.

Whether you’re a data analyst, marketer, developer, or engineer, this is a great opportunity to try these features for yourself and fully experience the Rivery platform without any strings attached. 

All curious data minds are welcome! Explore how Rivery can help you optimize and automate your data management within your organization by getting started today.

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