One Truth Across Sources and Teams

Rivery serves as the “one truth” for digital data sources. Share all your digital data, in real-time, across teams, departments, and organizations to boost efficiency, communication, and analysis.

Track All Campaigns & Initiatives

With Rivery's DataOps capabilities, teams can track all digital campaigns, initiatives, and performance-based projects in a single platform. Access a bird's-eye view of what’s working and what’s not without ever shuffling dashboards.

Integrate Any Digital Data Source

Integrate any API data source using Rivery’s pre-built data connectors, on-demand integrations, or Custom API. Harness the full dimensions of metrics and analytics by loading raw digital data directly into your data lake.

DataOps Empowers All Stakeholders

Rivery enables any team member to add a data source in a few clicks. As a no-code, fully-managed platform, Rivery handles everything on the backend, so stakeholders can focus on analyzing campaigns and assessing ROI.

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Take Your Digital Operation to the Next Level

Democratize Data with No-Code DataOps Interface

Turn every stakeholder into a citizen data scientist. Any employee can access the right data, at the right time, with Rivery’s no-code DataOps platform. Anyone can extract, manipulate, and share digital data with a few clicks of the mouse.

Create Custom Team Workspaces

Each team, from marketing to IT, has different objectives. Using Rivery’s Environments, you can build custom, non-overlapping workspaces for each team to carry out their respective missions. Deploy Environments using Rivery’s pre-built, or your own self-made, Templates.    

Centralized, Real-Time Data

Compare & analyze all digital data sources, side-by-side & in real-time. Rivery automatically updates data changes as they happen, so teams can monitor up-to-date data in one centralized digital data lake.   

Capture and Communicate Business Insights

Capture and share the business insights of digital data with marketers, salespeople, CROs, CEOs, and any other vested interests. With Rivery, teams do not need data analysts or BI teams to compile reports.  

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