Full Data Source Coverage, Guaranteed

Rivery’s universal support for any data source empowers you to ingest all your data in the format and frequency of your choice. Efficient data ingestion and governance begins with control over all your data sources.

Pre-Built Data Connectors

Harness 190+ pre-built data connectors to instantly connect to key data sources. With plug-and-play functionality, Rivery’s data connectors enable data ingestion in a few clicks.

API On-Demand Program

Rivery can build custom data connector for customers upon request. Our team will develop and maintains all data connectors, including version updates, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Custom API

Teams can add any data source with Rivery’s Custom API. Just provide the API details, and Rivery will ingest the data straight into a cloud data warehouse.

Connect to 3rd Party Platforms

Integrate the functionality of Rivery into 3rd party platforms with the Rivery API. Generate unprecedented insights by combining data-driven platforms with the power of Rivery.

Start ingesting data in minutes

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Rivery’s log-based change data capture instantly and automatically syncs source data changes with a cloud data warehouse via stream processing.


Auto-Migration automatically performs a full database migration using standard extraction via batch processing.

The ELT Process

As a fully managed DataOps platform, Rivery’s ELT tools streamline the data ingestion process. Rivery does not require data transformations before loading. The platform loads raw data directly into a target data warehouse, offering key advantages over ETL, including:

  • Quicker data transfers
  • Higher data volume
  • Faster scalability

Easily Solve Your Most Complex Data Challenges

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