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Get advanced security, everything you need to control complex use cases, and free your data across different teams, brands, and accounts.

Flexible plans based on the data you actually use

Rivery’s consumption-based pricing is designed to be simple, scalable, and flexible to facilitate your business needs as you grow. Each annual package is calculated in RPUs (Rivery Pricing Units). RPUs are used each time a data pipeline is executed, according to the following:

Data Ingestion (APIs)

1 RPU per pipeline (for every 100 MB)

Data Orchestration

1 RPU per pipeline (unlimited logical steps)

Data Replication

0.1 RPU per table (for every 10 MB)

Compare Rivery package features

Features Standard Enterprise


14-Day Free Trial No commitment, no credit card required.
Rivery Users Scale your data processes across teams with ease and enjoy unlimited users regardless of the package you choose. Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Rivery Accounts
Workspaces Perfect for resellers and agencies with multiple brands, sub-accounts or team subsidiaries.
Multi-Region Deployment Ensure regulatory compliance across jurisdictions, while improving data transfer speeds. Use Rivery servers in the US or the EU with the ability to add servers in other regions by request. Add-On


Native Data Sources Rivery does not charge per source and there is no minimum or maximum on the number of native sources you can use. Unlimited Unlimited
Native Data Targets In addition to native sources, gain access to unlimited pre-built targets, including data warehouses, storage, and more. Unlimited Unlimited
Build Your Own Connector (BYOC) Rivery enables you to build your own connector through REST APIs with Action rivers.
On-Demand API Program Don’t see an API you need? Want it built for you? Contact us about Rivery’s API On-Demand Program. Add-On


Transformations Rivery offers true, push-down transform capabilities and a robust dependency-based workflow. Run full data orchestration processes and data modeling by leveraging the power of Rivery’s downstream cloud data target. Unlimited Unlimited
Change Data Capture Replicate your data instantly and incrementally, achieve continuous data streams, and automate your migration processes to sync your cloud data warehouse with your source databases.
Environments Deploy packages from one environment to another and say goodbye to writing scripts. Perfect for multi-brands and as an embedding solution, leverage multi-tenancy within one Rivery account and eliminate the need for time-consuming deployment management. 2 Custom
Built-In Versioning Restore prior versions of Rivery pipelines with ease.
High-Frequency Syncs


AWS PrivateLink Support Advanced security features and robust encryption to ensure private connectivity. Add-On
SSH Tunnel


Webhooks/Events Receive your data in real time and harness a new level of granularity.
Programmatic Access Utilize Rivery’s API endpoints to programmatically trigger processes.


Hours x Days 9 x 5 Custom
Email Support
Phone Support
Account Manager
Customer Success Receive dedicated technical enablement services. 2hrs Custom

What real flexibility means:

No charge per user

Unlimited sources + targets

No charge per connector

Unlimited users

“The most cost-effective ETL\ELT product in the market. Best support for complex transformations. Best philosophy and understanding of the problem.”
Dor Ringel, VP Data at
“My mission in BI is to create a single source of truth for the company. BI powers decisions being made by every team, so I rely on Rivery to control my DataOps, which frees me to focus on delivering insights.”
Shmuel Milavski, Head of BI at WalkMe
“We won’t have to spend all our time on data management any more. Our team spends less time looking for data, and more time analyzing it.”
Sarah Linkenhoker, Project Manager at onX
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer Coreanu, General Manager B2C at
“The democratization of all these different data sources side-by-side means that Rivery is the one stop for all your data needs.”
Jean Huang, Senior Data Analyst at Good Apple

Rivery Pricing FAQs

What is a Rivery Pricing Unit (RPU)?

The cost you pay should be equal to the value you receive, which is why we created the Rivery Pricing Unit (RPU). This unit is based on two parameters: data executions and data size. RPUs are directly linked to how much data you consume within the platform, allowing you to scale in a flexible and transparent way.

Does Rivery charge per connector?

No, Rivery does not charge per connector and there is no minimum or maximum on the number of connectors you can use. We believe in providing you with the best single source to efficiently align your data from internal databases and third-party platforms.

Does Rivery charge per user?

No, Rivery does not charge per user. You can have unlimited users regardless of the package you select. Rivery is designed to prevent siloing and democratize your data, facilitating easy access across different teams within your organization.

Is there a minimum number of API integrations required for a Rivery account?

No, there is no minimum on the number of API integrations required for an account.

Does Rivery pricing vary by data source?

No, pricing does not vary by data source. Every data source we offer, including new developments, are available to our entire community.

What if I have more questions?

To learn more, check out our documentation, explore the Rivery community, or get in touch with a Rivery expert today.

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