Truly Control Your Data

With Rivery, data management is about more than just handling data. Rivery eliminates manual data management tasks and gives teams the power to control how they use their data, for any project, opportunity, or company.

Programmatic Data Modelling

Based on the principles of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Programmatic Data Modeling allows teams to harness Rivery’s platform using a client’s command-line interface of choice. Create and execute data pipelines, data transformations, and more.

Build and Reuse Data Models

Build entire data models including ingestion, orchestration, transformation and mapping - ready for reports. Create blueprint data models that can be replicated or use an existing pre-built template.

Stage Environments

Rivery enables teams to construct and clone environments. Generate custom environments for specific teams, divisions and projects. Duplicate any environment, including all pipelines and settings, to preserve data infrastructure and speed up operations.

API Versioning

With built-in versioning, Rivery automatically updates each data connector to match changes in the source API. Teams never have to worry about monitoring changes or taking projects offline. 

Data Lineage

Rivery provides the full data lineage for all data points that pass through the platform. Track each data point from ingestion to transformation, including origin, movement, and changes.

Testing & Monitoring

Proactively monitor the health of your data pipelines and overall data ecosystem. Create alerts that automatically help key stakeholders manage any issues in the DataOps ecosystem.

Collaboration & User Management

Improve collaboration around data flows in the organization. Manage and control visibility to the data ecosystem, including permission management, admin access, user restrictions and share projects with ease.

Compliance & Security

From startups to global enterprises, Rivery protects all companies and their data with superior compliance and security protocols.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certification
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant

Edit & Update Pipelines Programmatically

Modify and store data pipelines as YAML configuration files. Push YAML files into Rivery to update corresponding data pipelines.

Enable Version Control

Sync pipeline logics - including SQL-based transformations - within version control systems (VCS) such as GitHub.

Implement DevOps for Data

Harness core DevOps practices - including CI/CD, debugging, and staging environments - by treating data pipelines as infrastructure as code (IaC).

Learn how to gain true control of your data

The ELT Process

As a fully managed DataOps platform, Rivery’s ETL tools streamlines the data ingestion process. Rivery does not require data transformations before loading. The platform loads raw data directly into a target data warehouse, offering key advantages over ETL, including:

  • Quicker data transfers
  • Higher data volume
  • Faster scalability

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