Rivery Partner Directory

Rivery collaborates with premier technology and service partners to provide shared customers with superior data solutions, comprehensive support, and exceptional business results

Rivery’s ecosystem of technology and consulting partners were hand selected to align with today’s most meaningful projects around data and business transformation.

Partners can help you accelerate the time to value in your investments and ensure best practices are realized throughout your journey around data, technology and business value impact.


Technology Partners

We have selected leading technology partners that complement and extend the value of the Rivery platform within the modern data stack ecosystem.


Service Partners

We look for partners that have deep domain knowledge and experience in helping customers realize the value of their modern data stack and unlock the power of data.



Chris Tabb

Co-Founder and CCO at

LEIT DATA have had many Partnerships with Vendors in the Data World. Our experience working with Rivery demonstrated that they have a big focus on the Partner aspect of Partnership.They make the Partnership a team sport by putting the ‘Partner’ in Partnership. Collaboration is at the Heart of their company values and creating a product and roadmap that keeps delivering value for Our combined Customers and simplifying the Modern Data Stack.


Sigal Lavid

CEO of Vision.bi

We love working with Rivery as it brings great value to us & to our customers – shortage the project TTM,fast learning cure & fully managed platform make it very easy to develop and maintain the ELT’s.
Having it all in one platform – Ingestion ,logic & orchestration really simplifying our data engineers work and enable us to focus on the data modeling and advanced insights .