ELT for Growing Agencies: Deploy, Manage, & Monetize Unlimited Client Accounts

Rivery enables digital agencies to quickly add new clients, manage all accounts in a single dashboard, & seamlessly deliver data & reporting to all internal & external stakeholders.

Rivery is the only DataOps platform optimized for digital agencies. Add customers & expand existing accounts, monetize novel data streams, & deliver the ROI that will blow your clients away.

Instantly Generate Client Accounts

With Rivery's pre-built templates, agencies can deploy entire client accounts in a matter of seconds. Choose free templates in our app or build your own for repeatable usage.  

Centralize Client Account Management

Rivery allows agencies to manage unlimited client accounts in a single dashboard. Using subrivers, agencies can easily set up and maintain the same "data operations" for multiple clients.

Full API Coverage

Agencies do not have the resources to build API connectors. Rivery's pre-built API connectors, on-demand API program, and Custom API offer full API coverage, so agencies can focus on insights. 

Never Handle Client Credentials

With connection link sharing, external parties can securely create Rivery connections - such as data pipelines - without ever requiring agencies to handle client credentials.

Easily Solve Your Most Complex Data Challenges

No Credit Card Required.