Ownership & Accountability

Lead projects. Manage your output. Own your decisions. Every stakeholder has an opinion, and when it comes to your domain, you're the expert and will be expected to champion it.

Agility & Flexibility

The industry is moving faster than ever before. That's why flexibility and agility are at the heart of Rivery's growth. Going that extra mile, and always find a solution, is in our DNA.

Creative Thinking

Simplicity and efficiency require creativity and strategic thinking. Whether you're in R&D, Sales, or another department, thinking innovatively is key to optimize your impact.

Collaborative Growth

Collaboration and communication are a must to keep achieving your critical objectives. We all work together, learn from setbacks together, and celebrate wins together too.

Customer Centric

Our whole mission is to serve our customers, users, and partners. We deliver new solutions in an industry undergoing unprecedented change. The issues and challenges of our customers are our own.

Our Office Locations

New York
500 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Tel Aviv
Derech Menachem Begin 11,
Suite 1004, Ramat Gan, Israel
16 Great Chapel Street
London W1F 8FL, UK