“We looked at Matillion, Informatica, Fivetran, Rivery, probably three or four more. We tested every single one, we took free trials, we did this, we did that, we looked at features, we looked at pricing, and we picked Rivery. And over the years, we have redone that shopping and confirmed our choice, that Rivery is exactly what we want.”

Eric Sanders

VP, Business Analytics & Platforms


“In the old days, you had to do an API integration with a bunch of data engineers to get a single data source into some form of data warehouse. It required so many very, very expensive hours, and a really long time, and human error. And now we've really reduced that with technologies like Rivery.”

Greg Robinson

Staff Data Scientist


"Rivery makes it so easy to organize the data that you need to retrieve. If you want to do mapping from the way the data is saved in the third party to how your system works, it’s pretty infinite the kind of potential that you have and none of that requires a technical team doing development."

Nauman Hafiz

Chief Technology Officer

Constellation Agency

"Rivery helps us in many aspects, but for me, the most important thing is that I can use Rivery as a plug and play. I don’t need to worry about how the data will come in and how the data will be processed because Rivery takes care of all these things."

Shmuel Liberman

Head of Data


"Rivery is our go-to tool for anything related to getting data from A to B and also for doing manipulations and translations into the schema that we want it to be. We found that Rivery was the perfect balance between simplicity of use and flexibility and customization."

Tomer Coreanu

VP & General Manager, B2C


"We get a lot of value out of Rivery, importing data easily and integrating it with our system. The responsiveness is amazing. Whenever we need something and it’s not built into the tool, we just approach and they quickly adapt it into our needs."

Eyal El Bahar

Head of Business Intelligence


"Rivery has the most flexibility that I saw. You can really build the [data] process as if you built it yourself from scratch, but without the time consuming part. You can do it in a few minutes instead of a few days, but exactly like you want."

Daniel Rimon

Head of Data Engineering

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