Connect to Custom Data Sources, Right Away

Want to add a custom data source right now? No problem. Rivery’s Custom API allows teams to connect any data source in no time.

Ingest Data From Any Source

Never worry about coverage gaps. Our Custom API enables teams to ingest raw data from any API into a cloud data warehouse.

Easy Setup, Endless Possibilities

Set up a custom data source in minutes. With the Custom API, teams only have to provide the API configuration to get up and running.

Harness Data In Third-Party Apps

Unlock the full potential of your data ecosystem. Import Rivery data into 3rd party platforms with the Custom API.

Pre-Built Data Connectors, On Demand

Anything you want, you’ve got it. Rivery builds custom data connectors for our customers through our API on-demand program.

Expert Construction

Those who know the platform best - Rivery’s own R&D team - build and maintain all on-demand data connectors.

Zero Configuration

Custom connectors are pre-built and pre-configured for plug-and-play use.

Fast Turnaround Time

With a rapid turnaround time, our on-demand program allows data projects to keep running smoothly.

Chat with an expert about custom connections

Time to Ride the River

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