Ingest Data From Any Source

Never worry about coverage gaps. Our Custom API enables teams to ingest raw data from any API into a cloud data warehouse.

Easy Setup, Endless Possibilities

Set up a custom data source in minutes. With the Custom API, teams only have to provide the API configuration to get up and running.

Harness Data In Third-Party Apps

Unlock the full potential of your data ecosystem. Import Rivery data into 3rd party platforms with the Custom API.

Expert Construction

Those who know the platform best - Rivery’s own R&D team - build and maintain all on-demand data connectors.

Zero Configuration

Custom connectors are pre-built and pre-configured for plug-and-play use.

Fast Turnaround Time

With a rapid turnaround time, our on-demand program allows data projects to keep running smoothly.

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Easily Solve Your Most Complex Data Challenges

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