Deliver Data to All Stakeholders

Rivery enables teams to deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right stakeholders. Eliminate the time-consuming data engineering tasks that force teams to wait for backend construction.

Anchor Your Agile Framework

Rivery is built for rapidly evolving data deployments. In a market where priorities change at a breakneck pace, Rivery anchors agile frameworks with Test & Production environments.

Eliminate Technical Barriers & Data Silos

Break down all the barricades that keep your data from your workers. Rivery acts as a "single source of truth" for all your company's data. And with Rivery, any non-technical worker can easily build data infrastructure.

Create Workspaces for Teams

Create individualized workspaces for different teams and departments. Set up environments with the right data sources, data formatting requirements, and permissions for each team.

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Maintain Test & Production Environments

Maintain test & production environments to seamlessly operationalize data models & workspaces. Build test environments containing new data infrastructure, and push the changes into or out of production in a single click.

Instantly Deploy Data Workflows with Pre-Built Kits

Instantly launch data workflows with Rivery’s pre-built kits. Automatically generate all the data pipelines, SQL-based transformations, and other infrastructure needed to power diverse use cases, from marketing data management & analytics, to customer success operations, to your own custom templates.

Run Operations from a Single Data Pipeline with Subrivers

No more creating a bajillion data pipelines for the same data source. Subrivers allow you to create a main data pipeline as a template and run it with different configurations, improving the organization and efficiency of your enterprise data operation.

Harness Programmatic Data Modeling

Generate DataOps infrastructure using code. Programmatic data modeling – or “Rivery as Code” – enables data engineers to build entire data operations, from data pipelines to SQL transformations, using YAML or JSON. Manage all elements in version control systems such as GIT.

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