Produce the data your team needs, any time, any format

Rivery’s powerful transformation layer refines raw data into business-ready inputs that fuel superior insights, analysis, and decision making. 

Robust Post-Load Transformations

Rivery performs multifaceted SQL-based transformations directly inside a cloud data warehouse.  Prepare, clean, and convert raw data into structured data with total control.

Full Downstream Capabilities

Maximize the storage and compute potential of your cloud data warehouse. Take advantage of SQL functions, semi-structured data parsing, and all the other downstream capabilities in your cloud DWH.

Complete Automation

Rivery’s Logic Rivers automate the entire data integration process, including data transformation. Rivery automatically executes SQL queries in-database, often as part of a broader data workflow. 

Universal Compatibility

Transform and prepare data for any platform. Rivery is compatible with all leading BI platforms, analytics systems, and data analysis technologies.   

Learn how to Boost ROI with Rivery data transformations

Data Transformation: The Rivery Advantage

Rivery’s DataOps transformation layer offers the power, speed, and versatility to generate the highest quality data. Key differentiators include:   

  • Automated in-database executions of SQL queries
  • Looping
  • Conditional Logic
  • Support for building dependencies
  • Point-and-click functionality for creating and updating tables
  • Variables functionality for making workflows dynamic and generic

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