The Complete SaaS ELT Platform

Rivery provides a unified solution for Ingestion, Transformation, Orchestration, Activation, and Data Operations.

Reliable data ingestion in minutes, from all of your apps and databases


200+ Pre-built Connectors

Instantly connect to applications, databases, file storage options, and data warehouses with our fully managed and always up to date connectors.


Custom Connectors

With our custom API connector, you can pull data from any API in a few clicks, ingesting the data straight into your data warehouse.


CDC / Replication

Our best-in-class CDC support provides an easy, reliable and fast solution for replicating data from a database to your data warehouse.


Reverse ETL

Need to push data from your data warehouse back into your business tools? We do that too!


Easily transform raw data into business insights

Python and DataFrames

Native Python support as a source or a target, without writing connectivity code.


Robust Transformation Workflows

Automate the entire data integration process, including data transformation and workflows.



Run multi step SQL-based transformations directly inside your cloud data warehouse.

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Create data workflows that easily solve complex orchestration needs


Automate Your Workflows

No more manual work or gluing together multiple tools.

Conditional Logic, Branching & Loops

Flexible enough to support your needs, however complex or unique.


Multiple Environments

Separate walled-off environments for each stage of your development, from dev to staging to production, making it easier to move fast without breaking things.

Fine-tuned Deployments

Exact control from one environment to another with built in dependencies, environment variables, and groups.

Version Control

Built-in version control, allowing you to revert changes in a click.


Rivery’s CLI enables data engineers to remotely execute, edit, deploy, and manage data pipelines via a command-line interface (CLI) or API.

Flexible & reliable with data operations built-in


Observability with Centralized Reporting and Logging

A unified dashboard for your entire data flow. See the big picture over time, or drill down to a single detailed event.


Monitoring & Alerts

Proactively monitor the health of your data pipelines and overall data ecosystem. Create alerts that automatically help key stakeholders identify and control any issues.


Data Quality

SQL based data checks to ensure the data you have is the data you need.


Third-Party Integrations

Integrate with dbt, Airflow, Tableau and other API based third party integrations.

Pre-built, fully managed solutions for faster insights

No Hardware to Manage

Software-as-a-Service gives you infinite scalability with nothing to maintain.

Fully-Managed Connectors

Easily integrate in a few clicks with 100% data source compatibility, regular API updates, and a wide range of 200+ pre-built data connectors out of the box.

Predefined Reports

Build answers, not reports. Predefined reports give you accelerated access to your key insights with all the necessary tables for your data connectors pre-created for you.

Rivery Kits

Deploy complete, production-level workflow templates in minutes with data models, pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic already defined for you.

Ready To Solve Your Most Complex Data Challenges?


Rivery Support

Consistently rated the best support by G2, receive engineering-led assistance to facilitate all your data needs.


Rivery Security

Industry-leading security and enterprise-grade privacy standards are built into Rivery’s network, product, and policies.



​​Join data teams that have saved countless hours of development, maintenance, and upkeep using Rivery’s automated capabilities and pre-built solutions.