Rivery & Databricks

Get data from any source into Databricks and transform your data into insights that drive business value. A unified solution that makes advanced data integration simple.


Why Rivery & Databricks?


200+ fully managed connectors

Get data from any source, avoid updating APIs, and connect to every system.


Support for CDC & SQL based replication

Migrate your database to the cloud, efficiently and without disruption.


Low-code interface

Accelerate onboarding, create pipelines in minutes, and become data driven.


Custom file zones

Enhance security and privacy, and gain complete control of where your data is stored.

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Cloud and Database Migration

Full support for Databricks specific features and functionality, such as Unity Catalog and External locations.

Marketing and Advertising

Create a consolidated single source of truth from all of your marketing data.

Data Activation

With Reverse ETL, you can push data from Databricks into 3rd party applications, such as Salesforce or Hubspot.

Embedded Solutions

Provide your users with the power of Rivery, inside of your own application.


Assaf Liebstein

Data Platform Team Leader

Before Rivery, we’d load data to S3, then run a Spark job using another tool to prep parquet files to load to Databricks. It was a painful process.
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