All Your Marketing Data Analytics, Managed Under One Roof

The Channel Challenge

The ever-growing number of marketing channels, especially in the digital landscape, make gaining a clear view of marketing ROI difficult.

But with Rivery, marketers can generate incisive performance insights with a seamless, centralized no-code DataOps platform

Single Source Solution

Collate, enhance, and manipulate all the data from your social networks, analytics platforms, and other key marketing sources.

Create a single source of truth for marketing data that leads to breakthrough insights across your team. 

Integrate All Marketing Analytics

From Google Analytics to MixPanel, Rivery aligns all your insights and analytics in a single DataOps platform to deliver real-time marketing data across teams and departments.

Unify Social Insights

Streamline all your social insights across all channels. Rivery’s integrations include APIs for both paid social activity and organic social insights.

Aggregate All Ad Networks & Platforms

Connect data from all your ad networks, social ad campaigns, and paid marketing platforms for a clear view of your marketing ROI.

Connect to CRM 

Ensure your marketing data is also connected to your sales pipeline, customer support platforms, and CRM tools.

Track Campaigns and ROI Across All Your Channels

From Database to Dashboard

Leverage the power of the cloud by ensuring your marketing dashboards are always up to date, via automatic data syncs with your cloud data warehouse. 

Visible & Shareable

Enable your team to review and share marketing insights effectively, without having to rely on data analysts or BI teams to compile reports.

Customize your KPIs

No need to rely on third-party generic KPIs. Rivery enables you to manage your analytics on your own terms. Create bespoke KPIs that pull and combine the data points that matter most to your business.

Good Apple Adopts a Modern Data Stack for Marketing Analytics

Easily Solve Your Most Complex Data Challenges

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