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What will you learn?

In this session, you will learn about how to deploy pre-built data models through a UI-based approach. Gone are the days where ETL developers have to spend hours or days building their data pipelines.

In Rivery, we’ve developed a feature called Kits to help data teams instantly create powerful data pipelines, automated data transformation, and pre-defined tables to tackle common data sources and use cases.

The session will start with a high level overview on the types of data pipelines that can be built within Rivery. From there, we will explore an example Kit to give the audience a real-world example of this capability in action.

About the Lecturer

Daniel Greenberg, Partner Growth and Operations Lead at Rivery, has been working in the data analytics space for 4+ years and specializes in ecosystem and platform growth through strategic technology and services channels. Dan also has experience in pre-sales technical enablement and has spent time in the data analytics space at Keyrus and IBM.

Join us at Big Data Demystified

Click here to join the live event this Thursday, September 2, 2021.

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