Good Apple’s Modern Data Stack

In today’s business world, agencies are tasked with the challenge of managing data collection and analysis across multiple channels and accounts.

This common challenge requires the application of modern data platforms to pull, transform, store, and visualize data in an efficient and actionable way.

Join leading media agency, Good Apple, as we explore their data journey and dive deeper into each component of their tech stack, including:

Rivery for data collection and transformation
Snowflake for data warehouse storage and compute
Looker for front-end data analysis

Good Apple joins us to discuss their data journey and how they crafted the ultimate data stack for marketing campaign analytics, including Rivery, Snowflake, and Looker.


Mark Sturino, Director of Analytics at Good Apple, outlines the data problems they’ve faced in the past and what they look for in new solutions, such as flexibility to work across systems, data sets capable of answering a wide array of questions, and easy access to accurate data for every team across Good Apple.


Jean Huang, Senior Data Analyst at Good Apple, follows Sturino by discussing the common ETL uses cases for their business, like consolidating large data imports and creating client-facing reporting views.


Huang and Sturino conclude the webinar by providing some lessons learned throughout Good Apple’s data journey and what’s next to come for their data stack.