Daniel Buchuk

At Rivery, we’ve built a fully-managed DataOps platform with a point-and-click interface for technical and non-technical team members alike.

But coming in 2021, Rivery will offer a new programmatic framework that will empower advanced users to deploy DataOps infrastructure using code.

Programmatic Data Modeling will enable data engineers, ETL developers, and other technical team members to create and execute data pipelines, data transformations, and other key Rivery capabilities via client-side code.

Programmatic Data Modeling will allow teams to build entire data operations, from start to finish, using YAML or JSON. Based on the principles of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Programmatic Data Modeling will allow teams to harness Rivery’s platform using a client’s command-line interface of choice.

Coming in 2021, Programmatic Data Modeling will give teams unprecedented power and control over their data models. More details will follow in the near future, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the key capacities:


  • Deploy data pipelines & data infrastructure via code – Deploy pre-built data pipelines for 150+ data sources, add custom data sources with Rivery’s Custom API, schedule data ingestion, build Logic Rivers, and more, all from a command-line interface.
  • Enhanced data transformations – Access all of Rivery’s transformation capabilities via code. Maintain SQL transformations in GIT, unlock track changes, bulk updates, and script-based modification.
  • Total version control – Manage all SQL queries in version control systems to maintain total command over and visibility into the data product you deliver to stakeholders.
  • Superior data governance – Another way to look at Programmatic Data Modeling is “Rivery as Code.” For the first time, govern every data architecture and process in Rivery as granular code.
  • Unparalleled operational security – With full code-level oversight into every aspect of Rivery, companies will own their data operations through-and-through, bolstering enterprise-wide security.


With exceptional efficiency, transparency, and scalability, Programmatic Data Modeling will arm teams to handle the data management challenges of 2021 and beyond.

To find out when Programmatic Data Modeling becomes available, stay tuned to our social channels!